In Amc For Fire fighting system (Annual maintenance contract) services makes you secure. In most fires, being accidents, occur due to negligence. As the Sea Max Fire Engineering Works Fire Safety Spectrum outlines, effective prevention is the first step towards fire protection. Apart from the more detailed and specific training inputs, there are a number of practical ire safety measures that can be put in place to counter the more common fire hazards. Few anomalies that were observed in the safety measures taken in your premises, while conducting the Fire Risk Assessment. You will also find our recommendations for possible solutions to the same.Life-Saving Products Need Professional Maintenance, So, Sea Max Fire Engineering Works MAINTENANCE PROGRAMME is executed by a team of technically qualified professionals with years of experience. Our Engineers visit your premises once a month to conduct a series of checks on all the fire safety products on your premises. For Fire safety & security systems, these include thorough checking, cleaning, performance test, and several more.

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